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The field of quantum science and technologies is growing fast in the recent years in Western Switzerland. This one week school will provide master and PhD students of Lausanne and Geneva a set of introductory courses and scientific seminars on current research topics in Quantum Physics.

7 introductory lectures will be proposed, supported by 7 short research lectures. In addition, a special guest will give a broad introduction to quantum science from the industrial point of view

The lectures will take place at the University of Geneva and at EPFL and participants are encouraged to participate in events at both places. One of the goals is to strengthen the links between the different institutions. Lab tours and poster sessions will be organized for participants, providing an overview of the activities. Transportation will be organized and subsidized between the two institutions.

In order to foster discussions among young researchers, PhD students will be asked to share their respective projects and results with other participants by presenting posters.

Attending the school is free of charge, but subscription is mandatory (deadline 01.11.2019)

To subscribe or for information please contact lqss@epfl.ch

Introductory lectures :

  • Thierry Giamarchi (UniGe): quantum physics in one dimension
  • Mikael Afzelius (UniGe): Quantum Repeaters and Memories
  • Martí Perarnau-Llobet (UniGe): quantum thermodynamics
  • Andreas Laüchli (EPFL and PSI): A Theoretical Perspective on Rydberg Quantum Simulators
  • Pasquale Scarlino (EPFL): Quantum Dots, Circuit QED, and Hybrid Systems
  • Nils Engelsen (EPFL): cavity opto-mechanics
  • Giuseppe Carleo (EPFL): Neural-network quantum states: theory and practice

Research lectures :

  • Julian Sonner (UniGe): Many-body physics and gravity: an opportunity for quantum simulation
  • Louk Rademaker (UniGe): correlated twisted heterostructures
  • Pavel Sekatski (UniGe)
  • Jean-Marc Triscone (UniGe): Artificial quantum materials made of transition metal oxides
  • Rob Thew (UniGe): Quantum Photonic Networks
  • Philipp Moll (EPFL) : Unusual transport in PdCoO2: from directional ballistics to quantum
  • Mitali Banerjee (EPFL) : Anyonic heat flow

Special guest :

  • Heike Riel (IBM Zürich)


UniGe : Géraldine Haack, Rob Thew, Nicolas Brunner

EPFL : Christophe Galland, Pasquale Scarlino, Jean-Philippe Brantut