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The field of quantum science and technologies is growing fast in the recent years, in particular in Western Switzerland. This one week school will provide master and PhD students of Lausanne and Geneva a set of introductory courses and scientific seminars on current research topics in Quantum Physics. 6 introductory lectures will be proposed, supported by 10 research lectures.

The lectures will take place at the University of Geneva and at EPFL and participants are encouraged to participate in events at both places. One of the goals is to strengthen the links between the different institutions. Lab tours and poster sessions will be organized for participants, providing an overview of the activities. Transportation will be organized between the two institutions.

In order to foster discussions among young researchers, PhD students will be asked to share their respective projects and results with other participants by presenting posters. 2 credit points will be granted for participation to the school by the EPFL doctoral school.

Attending the school is free of charge, but subscription is mandatory (deadline 09.10.2019)

To subscribe please contact lqss@epfl.ch

Lecturers and topics:

  • Dmitry Abanin:  Thermalization, entanglement and many-body localization
  • Jean-Philippe Brantut:  Introduction to cavity quantum electrodynamics
  • Nicolas Brunner:  Quantum nonlocality
  • Christophe Galland:  Quantum correlations between light and mechanical oscillators
  • Géraldine Haack:   Scattering-matrix approach for quantum transport and quantum thermodynamics 
  • Vincenzo Savona:  Open quantum systems: an overview of theory and numerical methods


  • Nils Engelsen
  • Anna Fontcuberta
  • Marcia Portella-Oberli
  • Raphaël Butté
  • Alberto Morpurgo
  • Hugo Zbinden
  • Mikael Afzelius
  • Jean-Pierre Wolf
  • Edoardo Charbon
  • Thierry Giamarchi


For informations or subscriptions please write to: lqss@epfl.ch UniGe contact : Géraldine Haack EPFL contact : Christophe Galland and Jean-Philippe Brantut